Pizza Union came to I-AM with a brief to design a new brand and interior for their fast, fresh pizza concept. The high quality ingredients, Neapolitan influence and authentic stone-baked cooking method required a brand that would not only draw on their Italian influences, but also project a cool urban personality.

I-AM set about creating a space that is entirely distinct from run-of-the-mill pizzerias. The result is atmospheric and dramatic, but also open, functional and honest. The spectacular oven is the focal point of the design and, along with the marble counter and open kitchen, adds a theatrical element to the restaurant.

I-AM has recently been working with Pizza Union on their latest restaurant situated in Kings Cross, London. With a brief to solidify and modify the Italian feel to the eatery as well as adding bold, vibrant colour, the new offering extends the fast pace of casual dining with a focus on the exposed kitchen and pizza oven.

Associate Designer at I-AM, Tanya Fairhurst explains: “Pizza Union had initially come to I-AM to create a brand new interior for their fresh, fast pizza concept and the result was an atmospheric and dramatic aesthetic but with a real honest and open feel.

“Pizza Union wanted the latest design to play on the Italian heritage, introducing more colour. We’ve kept the outer shell of the site and layered the design over the original features complete with neon lighting and more subtle, gentle lighting during the evenings” he adds.

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