WAN Mixed Use Award 2016 Winner Announced

Nick Myall
10 Jan 2017

Clichy-Batignolles eco-neighbourhood project by Atelier du Pont and Jean Bocabeille Architects has been announced the winners of the WAN Mixed Use Award 2016

It is with great pleasure that we champion Atelier du Pont and Jean Bocabeille Architects as the winners of the WAN Mixed Use Award 2016 for their Clichy-Batignolles eco-neighbourhood project -Congratulations! 

The winner was selected from six shortlisted projects which were chosen by our esteemed jury panel: David Barnett, Founder & CEO at Londonewcastle, Cristina Garcia, Principal at KPF, Michael Taylor, Senior Partner at Hopkins Architects and Pascal Wensink, Main Board Director of EPR Architects.

The judges felt that the shortlisted projects highlighted the range of possibilities within Mixed Use, highlighting fantastic examples of what’s possible in this category. They were all in agreement that there was one clear winner on the day.

The Clichy-Batignolles eco-neighbourhood is reconquering a forgotten piece of Parisian ground. This major municipal project was envisioned as a response to the elevated need for housing while paving the way for a durable, mixed-use 21st century city. The buildings must therefore observe a rigorous set of environmental specifications to develop responsible energy processes and unique projects.

This project is responsible in an environmental as well as a social sense. It proposes a program diversity and equity of treatment. There is horizontal as well as vertical diversity: programs overlap one another, sit next to one another, stick to one another, and face one another.

The nursing home is located at the very centre of the block, which allows its residents to live in the heart of the “city” and benefit from its vitality.

The social housing and nursing home share a continuous façade along the new rue René Blum. Joined like Siamese twins, they wrap around the open centre of the block. The ground level retail businesses are located on rue Cardinet, which helps enliven the neighbourhood. The private housing building, which is connected to the nursing home by the garden, extends towards the parc Martin Luther King, the neighbourhood’s green lung.

Mike liked the way that the different uses mutually benefitted one another: “This was an architecturally challenging brief to combine an interesting and socially beneficial mix of uses; social and private housing, a religious centre and a nursing home all on a tight urban site at a high density. What I like about this scheme is the mutual benefit that the uses bring to each other and how they have been made to work at high density. The energetic geometric forms with their angular facades give the project a distinctively Parisian look.”

Cristina was also impressed saying: “This is the "happiest" development of the entries. Massing is overly complex, trying too hard to be interesting. Great freshness and colourful/cheerful treatment of the façade and the volumes. However, many façade accessories will likely be difficult to maintain over the years.”

Atelier du Pont and Jean Bocabeille Architects have accepted the challenge of creating a coherent and unique architectural complex that will have its own identity within the city. The project provides a strong architectural response to the challenges of urban density and new environmental requirements by creating collective strategies for the entire block.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank not only the jury, but all who entered their projects into this years’ WAN Mixed Use Award.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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