Tandoor Chop House

by Gemma Norris 16 December 2016
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    Ennismore is delighted to announce the opening of Tandoor Chop House, Covent Garden.

    Tandoor Chop House is the meeting of a North Indian communal eatery and a classic British chop house. It brings together the characteristics of these two traditional restaurants — the tandoor ovens, Indian spices and marinades, select prime cuts of meat, and buzzing atmosphere. The result is a place diners can come to socialise over drinks and share plates of hearty, comforting food.

    When it comes to the cooking, the tandoor is the star of the show. The menu observes the traditions of Indian cooking but pushes the boundaries with English ingredients. Dishes include our signature tandoori masala chicken ((half corn fed chicken in a marinade of hung curd, garlic, ginger, and spices, cooked and charred in the tandoor), beef boti, amritsari lamb chops and tandoor masala pollock. Snacks and sides include onion bhaji rings, Dexter ‘dripping’ keema naan, crispy okra and tandoor broccoli. And for dessert, sure highlights are the sweet coal-roasted pineapple and chai brulée.

    Three brass tandoor ovens are the focus of the interiors, created by Ennismore’s Design Studio, allowing customers to see where the magic happens. Vintage Dabbas (small polished brass Indian lunch boxes) served as the inspiration point for the finish on the ovens and the detailing throughout the restaurant. The brass stands out against the reclaimed oak panelling on the walls, scarlet leather banquettes, and marble tables. A striking mosaic floor with Indian-inspired patterns harks back to chop house traditions.

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