Reflecting Chinese culture

Nick Myall
Thursday 01 Dec 2016

This development in China by Aedas draws on the concept of an open palm to create a reflection of Chinese culture

Designed by Aedas and located at the heart of Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China, this project is just five minutes away from Macau. It is positioned as both a tourist destination and a cultural/creative incubator for Southeast Asia. The mixed-use development features a retail ring which seamlessly links different experiences together while embracing a massive courtyard garden – the Heart of China Garden.

At the podium level, a 120,000 sq m cultural and entertainment complex features a shopping mall, a multi-purpose hall, a wedding pavilion, a healthcare and beauty cultural centre and two indoor themed attractions – the Lionsgate Entertainment World and the National Geographic Ultimate Explorer. The three towers above offer the 490-key Hengqin Hyatt Regency Hotel, a 52,000 sq m office tower and a cultural workshop tower.

Novotown is an iconic development that reflects on the Chinese culture. The challenge was to come up with an architectural gesture that is recognised both nationally and internationally. 

According to Aedas: “The result rests on the concept of an open palm, implying that we grasp the past, present and future in the palm of our hands. The hand also symbolises the passing on of the Chinese culture by creating a unique culture with our hands and appreciating the essence with our hearts.”

The official website of the project is recently launched:

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