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3LHD finishes a freshwater aquarium in Karlovac, Croatia

A unique tourist attraction and a museum designed by 3LHD opened in Croatia

by Mladena Zarkovic 22 November 2016
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    The Karlovac freshwater aquarium is located on a site of an abandoned and unfinished campsite by the river Korana. The design concept was inspired by the city’s historic center “Karlovac star” surrounded by defensive earthen walls and mounds. The aquarium building is embedded in the natural environment, and covered with greenery. A square with the entrance spaces, souvenir shop, cafe bar, library and offices is located at the center. The exhibition is a display of flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and their ecosystems, geological history and traditional culture. The exhibition layout linearly shows the different river habitats from its source to mouth, tracing its entire flow. It starts with a “spring” on the square, it descends along the pedestrian ramps with aquariums into the basement level with caves and marshy habitats. Karlovac freshwater aquarium is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the “Regional Competitiveness” 2007-20013 Operational Programme. The total value of the project is 36.691.939,28 Kuna’s, of which the grant from the European Regional Development Fund is 36,222,282.45 Kuna’s.

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