Two sites compete to host MAD designed museum

Nick Myall
Friday 04 Nov 2016

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has revealed competing designs by MAD for San Francisco and Los Angeles

After the Lucas Musuem of Narrative Art announced that it was abandoning plans for a museum in  Chicago in June, the museum has released the competing designs by MAD for both San Francisco and Los Angeles. The two Californian cities are competing for a project that could cost up to $1 billion.

The first is for a site on Treasure Island, in San Francisco Bay, while the second is for Exposition Park in Los Angeles, where it would sit near the Natural History Museum and Coliseum.

 “Star Wars" creator George Lucas is expected to make a selection in early 2017. 

At roughly 270,000 sq ft, each design is about 10% smaller than the design Lucas sought to build in Chicago.

Both plans are said to have the backing of top local officials, but citizens' groups also will need to be persuaded if Lucas is to avoid a setback like the one he suffered in Chicago.

Nick Myall

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