WHR Architects ‘reimagine healing’

Nick Myall
17 Oct 2016

New design for Stanford Hospital embraces a future filled with advances in medical research, treatment and technologies

Members of WHR Architect's project team were part of the festivities surrounding the opening of the Stamford Health's new $450m hospital in Stamford CT, USA, which continues their transformation from a community hospital to a significant regional facility. On September 15, 2016, the hospital welcomed the many donors whose generous support over the years helped to make the new facility a reality. On Saturday, September 17, many community partners were invited to join hospital and building staff to celebrate the opening. The events introduced the new 13-floor, 650,000 sq ft building to local residents, staff and benefactors prior to transferring patients from the old hospital to the new one. The four-day process was completed on Monday, September 26 followed by a formal shift from the old emergency department and ambulances were directed to the new entrance.

Designed to embrace the concept of patient-centred care, the new hospital exemplifies Stamford Health's vision for "Healing Reimagined." The focus on high quality, personal care is visible throughout the facilities from the welcoming concourse to the 180 private patient rooms, which were designed to maximize care, safety and comfort for patients, caregivers and families. The new emergency department that is double the size of the old one, which was needed to accommodate an increasing number of patients more efficiently. The new ED offers separate, dedicated treatment areas for adult, behavioural health and pediatric care needs.

“As a recognised Plantree organisation, the design of the new facility needed to reflect their philosophy that places a priority on providing the highest levels of patient and family care,” Tushar Gupta, AIA, the project designer observed. “Stamford recognises the interdependence between an efficient, healthful environment and the wellbeing of people. This facility embodies those principles at every level of design — from clinical space to patient rooms to the way that the new building is connects to the community.”

"WHR Architects has been part Stamford Health's team for over a decade working on several projects prior to beginning the planning and design the new hospital," said David Watkins, FAIA, Founding Principal of WHR, the healthcare practice of EYP Inc.

"We have seen first-hand their commitment to patient-centred care and their understanding of how that translates into facilities’ requirements," said Charles Cadenhead, FAIA, FACHA, FCCM, the senior medical planner on the project. "The hospital took the time to study the challenges and plan for a future filled with advances in medical research, treatment and technologies.”

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