Khalkedon House

by Gemma Norris 13 October 2016
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    This penthouse apartment is located in Erenköy, a peaceful spot in Istanbul / Turkey. The layout is combined with two floors  including one dining & living room, a kitchen, two master, one double guest, one  single guest room and a wide terrace space.

    A contemporary modern style shows itself through every detail in the house. The living space is a blend of minimalistic lines enriched with luxurious materials such as brass, various Italian marbles have been used in the furnishings. Iroko flooring gives the space a warm welcoming atmosphere and custom designed wallpaper is a key element of the apartment. 

    Custom designed midcentury style cabinets and storage units, premium solid wood and marble coffee tables tunes up with general aesthetics designed to comfort the residents.

    In every room the furniture was custom designed, mostly hand crafted, expressing a style variation in between them.

    This penthouse apartment opens to a terrace garden with a mesmerizing prince islands view through the living room.


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