‘Pocket’ flats pop up in London

Nick Myall
Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

Gort Scott secures planning for affordable ‘Pocket’ flats in Walthamstow

Gort Scott and developer Pocket Living  have secured planning permission to  build  45  new affordable ‘Pocket’  apartments  in  the heart  of Walthamstow in London.

The proposal aims to provide highly sought after living space to the diverse community of Walthamstow. The sensitive new build development includes three and four storey elements, that complete the terrace and extends to the rear, filling in the gap between the neighbouring developments.

Gort Scott will build upon the existing character of the surrounding area and streetscape, taking inspiration from the legacy of the William Morris School that previously occupied the site and from the Warner Houses that are particular to Walthamstow. The material palette of the exterior is characterised by decorative fletton  type  red  brick  and  precast concrete.  

The  façade  of  the  upper  floors  will  be animated by Juliet balconies which compliment double-height windows. At ground level, glazing sizes will be adjusted to ensure adequate privacy within the flats. The four storey element denotes the main shared entrance, providing pedestrian access through a well-lit, emerald tiled walkway. Filigree metal gates frame the entrance and lead into a landscaped courtyard. This provides a quality external amenity space for residents. All ground floor flats will also benefit from private garden space which add lush planting to the street. The scheme is largely based around a design for interaction that was observed in the legacy of the Warner Housing. This can be seen in the shared entrance sequence and shared courtyard. Furthermore, a top lit single access stairwell leads to two separate corridors of which the apartments are clustered around, maximising social interaction between neighbours.  On the first floor  there  will also be an enlarged landing which doubles up as a common room where seating will be provided.

Jay Gort, Director at Gort Scott commented: “Working with Pocket on this project has been an enjoyable process. The proposal builds on our previous work in the borough and knowledge of the history and future plans. The building suggests a new type of housing in the hinterlands of Walthamstow High Street. Its form responds to both its neighbouring terrace houses and more expressive old pub building on the corner of Gainsford Road. It also makes reference to the William Morris Technical School that used to stand on the site (demolished 1960s). The building has a simple rhythm of windows, punctuated with feature lintels, Juliet balconies and a slender precast stone belvedere which draw on the legacy of carefully crafted, decorative architecture in the area.” Lucian Smithers, Sales and Marketing Director at Pocket commented:

“We are very excited to be working with Gort Scott who have shown that they really understand Pocket and the borough of Waltham Forest well.” The project is due to start onsite in November 2016

Nick Myall

News editor

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