Ubud has long been Bali’s nuanced, elder son that exudes a softer confidence and gentler spirit. Home to expansive paddy fields and steep ravines, the landscape instinctively inspires a bucolic comfort that is so often craved by weary urbanites.

It is here in the cultural heart of Bali’s uplands that Bisma Eight has set its roots. Launched in early 2015, Bisma Eight purveys the cultural richness and artisanal heritage of Ubud in an affordable yet luxurious setting – offering all the amenities of a high-end resort in an unpretentious location that encourages spatial awareness and healthy living.

Defining ‘Modern Tropical’

Bisma Eight houses 38 spacious suites that highlight the vibrancy and lush greenery of its immediate surroundings. Comprising of the Forest, Canopy and Garden Suites, the rooms are designed to induce the sensation of a dreamy hideout. Featuring a mix of modern design and traditional Balinese craftsmanship, these artisanal touches are present in everything from the contemporary teak wood furniture, to softer furnishings such as the ikat pillows, plush bed linen, and woven jute rugs, all produced by Ubud’s artisanal community.

While the majority of the structure is clad in a modern blend of raw concrete, steel and glass, Bisma Eight weaves a deeper architectural story by juxtaposing it with organic Balinese materials and artifacts. The building itself is a harmonious blend with its lush surroundings from the use of leafage, creepers and wild grass. A collaborative effort between Arte Architects & Associates (Bali) and Fuur Associates (Singapore), the two entities have strived to highlight the geographic context of Ubud with the use of southern walnut, bamboo, Balinese orange brick, as well as greenery clusters to lighten the interiors. The designers also worked with Balinese craftsmen to add their artisanal touch to the interiors through art and furniture.

Bisma Eight co-founder Suraj Melwani says, “Bisma Eight is an amalgamation of all of our sensibilities under one roof; from mine and Tarun’s (Melwani, co-founder) love of the craft that goes into the food and drink, Sunil's [Sunil Alwani, co-founder] appreciation of pragmatic tropical modern design, to my father [Suresh Melwani, co-founder] and his younger brother Kumar’s (Melwani, co-founder) absolute respect for the community of Ubud, its people and surroundings, Bisma Eight is special. It's a projection of who we are as people and how we think and act as a group. Everything at Bisma Eight is done with intention. Even the smallest details are curated with care and pride, creating an experience that speaks for itself.”

Authenticity and flexibility are integral to Bisma Eight. The elements that make Ubud what it is – culture, heritage, creativity and reinvention – are woven throughout the core of the Bisma Eight experience. Bisma Eight also strives to provide a laidback yet refined quality of service for guests; their intent to show that true hospitality lies in genuine intentions and through human relationships made during the stay.


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