‘Mountain City’ gets refreshed

Nick Myall
Friday 02 Sep 2016

Aedas are creating a new cultural destination for lifestyle and entertainment activities in Chongqing, China

Designed by Aedas, Chongqing Xinhua Bookstore Group Jiefangbei Book City Mixed-use Project is a dynamic complex that encompasses a sky cultural plaza, retails, apartments, offices and a boutique hotel in the Jiefangbei Central Business District, the heart of downtown Chongqing. Aedas draws design inspiration from an ancient Chinese saying ‘Knowledge brings wealth’ to integrate the project with the cultural elements of Chongqing, creating an interactive commercial complex with Xinhua Bookstore sitting at the core of the podium. 

The building unfolds with stepping terraces in an elegant form of a rolling book scroll implying the spirit of wisdom and knowledge. The stepped architecture not only reveals the well known geographic beauty of Chongqing which is also named 'Mountain City', but also interacts with the surroundings and rejuvenates the city landscape.  

Three distinctively themed plazas are well connected with the street and green terraces by a grand express escalator. The inclined rooftop and cultural plaza at the podium become a new cultural destination for lifestyle and entertainment activities, while the sky cultural plaza enriches and extends the civic space of Jiefangbei Plaza to provide a refreshing and tranquil environment in this business centre for users to relax and enjoy. 

Nick Myall

News editor

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