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Gemma Norris
Tuesday 02 Aug 2016

The HFF kniting factory complex is located in the southern part of the capital of Hungary, Budapest  and dates as early as from 1913-1915.  It was originally  built as a weapon factory designed by Árpád Gut and Jeno Gergely.  The F. Kovács/ Megyesi residence, Loft 19, this  tower like four-story building and the huge  factory complex are protected industrial monuments just  like the giant hall overlooking the loft structure. The archiect and production designer Attila F. Kovács and his wife art director and stylist Zsuzsa Megyesi found this  unusual giant space and movie set like environment ideal for making their home.  

"I've always wished for a giant hall size studio, a huge empty space where I can l lay a hundred books and magazines open on the floor at the same time and where you  may just as well play table tennis or even badminton ."  The 600m2 four level building gives enough space for all of this and much  more.  The design of the space is a laid back, personal mix of different styles and eras. It is full of special pieces, collected one by one during decades in flea markets, auctions and antique shops or created by the designers themselves.  Let the huge windows,  light, the unusual size rooms , the old structural elements and materials play the main role in the studio, the kitchen and living room and the library-fitness in the attic.  Old iron doors were kept, original beams reused for book shelves. The bedroom level on the contrary was designed to be  bold and private with a mid century “boudoir like” atmosphere to it. Space and design is equal to the owners vocation.

"This is an island over the city, abandoned and peaceful environment with special aesthetics. Just like us. We love it so much."

About the designers:

The designer duo A+Z Design was founded in 2009 by Attila F.Kovács and Zsuzsa Megyesi

Attila studied architecture and design and spent over ten years in the film industry his museum, residential and commercial designs in Budapest are award-wining and have been featured in renowned international design magazines such as Wallpaper, Domus, Wind, Damn, A10, Elledecor, Spa-de, AD, etc.

Zsuzsa studied art history and aesthetics and started her career as an art curator living in Los Angeles. Her interest turned in to interior design and styling after years of working for art and design magazines as design editor and interior stylist she became the art director of Stilus Magazine


Key Facts:

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