A new twist in downtown Cairo

Nick Myall
Monday 18 Jul 2016

This building’s location beside the Great Pyramids has contributed to the desire to design a building that acts as a landmark for the area

A building located next to the Great Pyramids in Egypt, one of the wonders of the world, could not help to be influenced by them. As a result this building has been designed by Samed Farid Architects as if to be dismantling the pyramids and the transition of civilization and evolution that influenced their architecture.

The mixed-use building is comprised of five levels, the ground and first floor are designed to be the main entrance of the building including a commercial unit, seminar hall and training classes. The second to fourth floor are designed to be offices, specialised exhibition and administrative spaces for rent. The upper floor is designed to be a cafe and restaurant serving the building’s users with indoor and outdoor dining areas. 

Beside the Building is a reflection of the historical area surrounding it from outside, inside the building is divided into commercial areas and an administrative section. They are completely separate and connected only with escape stairs and each of them has its own entrance from main facade.

Green architecture has been applied to the building and one of the most important features of the structure is that all the spaces can be reached by lighting and natural ventilation due to the inclusion of a courtyard in the middle of the building. The use of glass curtain walls in the facades leads to the refraction of the sun's rays which bring the desired lighting inside the building.

The building’s location beside the great pyramids has contributed to the desire to design a building that acts as a landmark for the area. Using the irregular triangle curtain walls helps with the realisation of this concept and using beige stone cladding on the facades references the blocks used in the nearby pyramids.


Nick Myall

News Editor

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