Picking a path through London

Nick Myall
Friday 08 Jul 2016

A video of a conversation with Robin Partington (see below) – Design, Architecture and Construction in London and the issues it raises

Designing in a crowded and historic city like London is always going to be a challenge. In the attached video the founder of Robin Partington & Partners discusses the constraints guiding the design of 1 New Street Square in London – a distinctive new build in the rapidly changing area of Central London – which will deliver BREEAM ‘Excellent’-rated offices and retail accommodation.

One New Street is a pas de deux building whose lower portion addresses the adjacent Shoe Lane and whose taller partner rises to a pinnacle looking towards St. Paul's. Robin discusses the character of the neighbourhood, the role of the architect in navigating the London View Management Framework, the owner’s intended use and vision, the effects of sunlight and more.

Robin details the challenges faced by modern architects designing in dynamic environments. In particular, Robin addresses the growing importance of managing information in the best way possible, given the increasingly complex relationship that architects and designers have with project data.

Robin closes with thoughts on the architect’s role in such projects – “I’m really piggy in the middle” – and the way technology can facilitate collaboration and manage the data deluge collaboration generates.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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