An exercise in minimalism

Nick Myall
Friday 08 Jul 2016

A combination of stone, metal and marble and a minimalist design has resulted in a home with huge visual impact

This top heavy house in Madrid, Spain by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has an overhanging metallic structure that produces the effect of having just one storey. This came about because the architects were looking to make the house seem smaller than it actually is. The first floor is clad with aluminium while the ground floor and outdoor patio area uses light stone as its predominate material.

It is set in an attractive landscape surrounded by gardens and big trees within the metropolis of Madrid and its proportions and materiality both contrasts and blends with its surroundings.

The interior is minimal with white marble flooring and white walls with monochrome furnishings. 

Commenting on the house the architects said, “The scale of the house is moderated through the understanding of the day area as a base emerging from the same natural stone which paves part of the plot. The night zone is placed on it and focuses the view to the north and south while protecting itself from the eyes of the neighbours and generating shaded terraces in which to enjoy the exterior.

“The substantially square plan is designed to unite the program in a compact way. The staircase and central inner atrium distribute the rooms, establishing a functional hierarchy in which all the spaces open up to the garden.”

Nick Myall

News Editor

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