Following the sun

Nick Myall
Tuesday 05 Jul 2016

Smartflower is an intelligent all-in-one solar system which is set to have a large impact on the solar industry

Unlike static solar panels the smartflower system actually follows the rays of the sun as the day progresses. It comprises numerous smart features to capture more of the sun’s energy and defy the previous limitations that came with static solar panels. The end result is self-utilisation of up to 90% with storage – a breakthrough industry figure - with 50% more efficiency than a traditional rooftop system.

Since its launch in 2010, smartflower has surpassed existing solar products and won a collection of accolades: this year, the international Green Good Design and Red Dot awards, for advanced engineering, beautiful aesthetics and inspiring people to live sustainably. 

Smartflower “wakes up” at sunrise and automatically cleans itself in preparation for capturing the sun’s rays. Fanning out its solar petals to 18 sq m, the product starts generating electricity, for morning coffees, warm showers and electronics. It faces and travels with the sun throughout the day, using dual-axis tracking, maximising solar energy yield. 

Founder and Managing Partner Alexander Swatek says: “For the first time, multiple intelligent solar features operate in one sophisticated product. It’s easy to use, takes only an hour to install, and owners can monitor their energy accumulation, usage, and direct it where they want it. They have full control.”

One smartflower provides between 3,400 kWh/a and 6,200 kWh/a depending on its location, enough for an average Central European household. Synchronized with smart home automation, smartflower is the core of carefree and self-contained energy, powering household and garden appliances, while providing independency from the grid.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of California, is a founder of R20-Regions of Climate Action and a vocal fan of smartflower: "Even though I like size, sometimes something small is very effective. And when it comes to photovoltaic solar there is nothing better than, for instance, the smartflower. I mean what a brilliant idea, you put this in front of your house, then you plug it in – no installation, nothing – just plug and play.”


Nick Myall

News Editor

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