Wood Bagot’s new plan for Shenzhen

Nick Myall
Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

Transport is at the core of a new masterplan for central Shenzhen

Woods Bagot Hong Kong studio has been appointed by Shenzhen Metro Group to deliver a master plan for Shenzhen Route 6 Chang Zhen Station and the architecture design for the depot and surrounding complex. 

With a total site area of 107 hectares and GFA of 1,907,000 sq m, this master plan provides a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) strategy and will create a benchmark for the future Shenzhen Guang Ming District, China. 

Cities have a complicated relationship with infrastructure. Being connected is by all means crucial, but at the same time infrastructure itself is often the biggest threat to the livability of a city’s extension. This is even more relevant for depot and station areas. At the very point where the interaction between the site and rail is taking place, the site is divided. The depot and tracks are like a barrier for the people crossing the site. 

Bringing the depot under a private podium will generate a series of valuable opportunities for the property on top. However, in this scheme the architects are not only aiming to cover the divided site as the developable land. There is real potential for the site to develop into a public or semi-public realm. As a new destination it will offer a new TOD lifestyle to Guang Ming. In this way it can inject a transit hub at the very heart of the site and it will bring new life to the urban barrier. What has divided the site will become its strongest connector.

Charlie Chen, Associate of Woods Bagot commented: “Guang Ming District will be the first integrated lifestyle community, establishing a transit oriented presences and a new creator benchmark for the future generation.”

Nick Myall

News Editor

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