Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky is a member of the NH Hotels Group.

Whoever enters the Krasnapolsky immediately understands why this hotel has been so popular over the years. The Grand Hotel, which was once a coffee  house in the 19th century, has become one of the leading hotels and restaurants of the capital and is the perfect base for travellers who opt for luxury and quality. The goal was to adapt this great hotel to a conference hotel incorporating the rich history of both the hotel and the city of Amsterdam. “We wanted to ensure the cohesion of the property, a huge challenge in a complex consisting of five different buildings,” says Coen van Dijck, Managing Director of D/DOCK.

‘Luxury Rediscovered’. This was the metaphor chosen by D/DOCK in 2013 when formulating the new hotel concept, which is expressed in pillars such as luxury, recognisability, originality and experience. Krasnapolsky represents understated luxury. This is the first time that the complex has undergone a complete make-over. The approach has been based on the history of the hotel. The magnificent archive provided an insight. The hotel has always been at the forefront; it had electric lighting and its own generator very early on, which was very special at the time. Because of the size of the hotel, the hallways were very important in the translation of the concept. To create a sense of direction and structure, the flooring design contains clear line patterns. This was also done with the lighting concept with dimmed luminaires, which creates peace and intimacy. These hallways tell a historical story.

The 256 hotel rooms, completed in 2015, are divided into standard rooms, suites and two special suites called the Presidential Suite and the Royal Suite. D/DOCK and Esteve created two room concepts to unify the history of the hotel and the future of the city: ‘Modern Classic’ and ‘Classic Modern’. Both concepts have an open bathroom, inspired by the hotel being the first in the city to have rooms with own sanitary. To break with the traditional décor, the bed stands like an island in the space. “We have designed rooms that are extremely luxurious, with use of rich materials. But it is not over the top.” The history of the complex also determined the design. “Each one had to be designed differently. The complex consists of different buildings, and no room is alike,” says Francesco Messori, Design Director at D/DOCK.


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