Salon Bilir Prive

Steven Penney
Tuesday 24 May 2016

Ahmet Bilir, Stuttgart hair stylist who frequently takes part in international haute-­-couture fashion shows, has named his new salon "SALON BILIR PRIVÉ".
The small elegant salon was designed by Bruzkus Batek architects, who have created a space whose boudoir character is accentuated by a homely, almost intimate atmosphere.
Three neat steps lead from the street directly into the receptionand waiting area, whose walls are clad with micro-­-fluted white panels, bringing historical stucco to mind. Due to a framing shadow gap they are clearly legible as a cladding layer, and contrast in their perfection with the rough-­-surfaced original wall that is visible as a border above the fluted panels.
The reception area furniture dates from the 1960s. The adjacent salon with its four styling chairs is seen through two openings in the dividing wall. The floor here is of newly-­-laid herringbone parquet, as in the reception area. The grey painted walls are offset from the ceiling by a white border, and create a classical backdrop for the octagonalbrass-­-framed mirrors. Beneath each mirror is a red marble console table on a brass pedestal.
Bruzkus Batek designed the furnishings specifically for Ahmet Bilir’s salon. The existing pale terrazzo floor of the
shampoo room has been refurbished. Here the walls are painted in a powdery pink and harmonise with the salon’s chosen product line. A wall opening serves as a visual connection between the shampoo room and the reception area. In the opening, an integrated illuminated shelf displays care and styling products.
The differentiated lighting concept was developed for the salon by PSLAB. The so-­-called “colour laboratory” is located, in a separate  “box”, whose walls are fully clad with Persol mirrors. Thanks to the shadow gaps around the circumference, the box is perceived as an independent modern element that stands in contrast to the existing building, while simultaneously reflecting it.
Bruzkus Batek have created a salon with a unique atmosphere, in which classical elegance and modern accents can 
complement each other in harmony.

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