Winner of LA’s Pershing Square competition announced

Nick Myall
Friday 13 May 2016

The design proposal from Agence Ter balances the notions of a park and a square, hardscape and green lawn and metropolitan and local has announced that “The Dynamic Heart of Los Angeles”, the vision for Pershing Square submitted by Agence Ter and their team of designers, planners, and artists, is the winner of the design competition to transform the area.

With the aim of being capable of realising the vision for Pershing Square, Agence Ter is pleased to propose a team, largely established in Downtown LA and rich in experience in designing and constructing exceptional spaces that welcome the public.

According to using the landscape as a basis for designing the city represents the guiding principle driving Agence Ter. The office benefits from 30 years experience in public-space contracting as demonstrated by the current projects for major parks in Paris, including Parc de Cormailles (9 ha, French Landscape Grand Prix 2007), Parc de Boulogne (7 ha), Parc des Docks de Saint-Ouen (12 ha) and the Carrières-sous-Poissy ecological park (200 ha). Agence Ter has also completed projects in Spain (Plaça de les Gloriés in Barcelona (15 ha)), Germany (Aqua Magica park in Bad Oeynhausen, the Duisburg central square) and Ireland (Royal Canal project).

To complement the experiences of its European office, Agence Ter will partner with the local landscape architecture firm SALT Landscape Architects. We will also work with specialized partners Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning and Fehr and Peers, Community Art Resources (CARS), Kelly Shannon, Leo Villareal, Pentagram, still room, Rachel Allen Architecture, KPFF, M-E Engineers, and Lighting Design Alliance.

The design proposal balances notions of a park and a square, hardscape and green lawn, sun and shade, and metropolitan and local. The main project elements — the smart canopy with the boxes, the gardens with the tree canopy, the urban edges and the great lawn — are each specific, yet with very different expressions and articulations of this continuous surface idea.

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