Gaining a new perspective on the Alborz mountains

Nick Myall
Thursday 05 May 2016

This unique house in an Iranian mountain region makes the most of sweeping panoramic views of the surroundings

The location of this project by New Wave Architecture is Mosha north of Tehran, Iran, in the heart of the Alborz Mountains.

The intense topography and a location between the mountains with views down to the flat plain of Mosha, inspired the architects to create a sense of suspension and wide views from all the open spaces.

The goal of merging nature with human life led the architects to have a vertical distribution of functions with the building occupying less land as a result. This left more land for landscape design.

The adopted shape for the project features three cantilevered boxes which are set out in rotation to each other. This unique design has generated additional spaces, for example a ceiling on one storey can become a terrace on another. The high slope of the site provides the perfect sense of suspension for each dwelling with functions distributed from upper to lower levels.

To create uninterrupted views, the sides of the boxes facing the plain have floor-to-ceiling windows which provide sweeping panoramic outlooks. The windows themselves have a role which is more than just an opening or constructional element. They are like a transparent curtain between indoors and outside that floods the interiors with natural light and views.

An inclined cylindrical shaft is located at the intersection point of boxes which covers the stairs and has shaped a void that due to its position supplies an oblique view among all three levels and improves the opportunity for interaction between the inhabitants.

The use of wood as one of the basic natural elements in the building can be seen in the floors and the walls of the rooms and in the construction of the stairs. 

To create a purity of form the building is covered with one single white shield which has made the building’s volume distinctive and bright against the backdrop of the mountains.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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