A modular solution

Nick Myall
03 May 2016

This award winning modular construction method has drastically reduced on-site costs

This is a prototype affordable housing project in modularised off-site production, efficient construction methods, and architect collaboration with a manufacturing plant. In this case, the architect, Anderson Anderson Architecture, did not set up a formal design-build team, but brought in the manufacturer to work with a local builder for site installation.

The project employs many of the recent advances in modular wood-frame construction that they have developed on other projects. The system is focused on compact, high-quality urban in-fill housing for tight sites, with a particular focus on drastically reducing construction costs in the high-cost construction region of California, USA. 

The project was built in five modules, shipped to the site, and assembled in one day. There was still finishing and knitting together of systems and finishes at the module mate lines, but this is a potentially revolutionary way to provide low-cost, sustainably constructed housing. The architects pioneering work in this area has been highly influential during the past twenty years, with numerous award wins and publication in print and online.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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