A new wave heads for Brighton beach

Nick Myall
Monday 25 Apr 2016

A mixed-use scheme in Brighton will breathe new life into an underused part of the city’s seafront

A team of local businesses including the architects We Like Today has designed a mixed use leisure destination on the Brighton and Hove sea front, in the UK, that will revive and repopulate a little used area and re-affirm Brighton and Hove’s reputation as the number one destination for open water swimming in the UK.

The team comprised the developers Copsemill Properties, SwimTrek, Swimmergy and the architects, We Like Today. The scheme was the winning bid for the Council’s expression of interest for the site and celebrates the rich history of Brighton and Hove’s spirit and its architecture.

Rich Brett, creative director and principal of We Like Today explains: “Sea Lanes is a unique opportunity to create a new destination on the Brighton and Hove sea front. I am interested in authenticity and participation, drawing inspiration and people together. This City, as any other, doesn’t deserve ‘anywhere architecture’ that separates people from their surroundings. I am interested in using design and architecture to make a difference and wanted people to feel pride of place for an area that used to be at the heart of Brighton and Hove’s leisure industries. Brighton shares a special relativity with the sea, yet at present, there is little integration between the two. The idea for Sea Lanes was to build an active and immersive destination, open up a dialogue with the sea and the local community, and revitalise Madeira Drive and this area of the city.”

The new development will include; a 50m open air heated swimming pool, indoor training facilities, a boardwalk to allow disabled access to the beach and sea, cafes, restaurants and conference facilities.

Swimming will naturally be at the core of the development, and Sea Lanes will provide escorted sea swims, training for lifeguards, open water and leisure swimmers, and education about open water safety for children and parents.

Sea Lanes’ architecture is inextricably linked from Brighton in its shape and iconography.

The scheme celebrates the idiosyncrasies, intimacy, variety and attitude of the City and will add value to the social and cultural capital of Brighton and Hove.

Brett continues: “We wanted to create an active and inclusive leisure destination, designed in Brighton for Brighton. I have been based here for many years, as have Copsemill

Properties, SwimTrek and Swimmergy. We have empathy with the city, its people and the spirit that makes Brighton a fascinating place.”

Joe Mcnulty, Director of Copsemill Properties, highlights: “The redevelopment of this important site will help to regenerate this little used area of Brighton. The focus on sea swimming will help to cement the reputation of Brighton as the spiritual home of sea swimming. The commercial space will help to create a new place for people to work, eat, shop and exercise. The bold and exciting architecture will help to prove that Brighton is highly capable of delivering world-class design.”

Further information is available at: www.sealanesbrighton.co.uk

Nick Myall

News Editor

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