Double vision

Nick Myall
Wednesday 20 Apr 2016

These two volumes in coastal Canada are linked to form a single holiday home with impressive views of the sea

Built in Caraquet village in Canada and designed by YH2, les Jumelles are two small sister constructions that are linked in order to create a single family holiday house oriented towards the grandiose scenic view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs.

Les Jumelles are simultaneously a peaceful retreat in nature in front of the sea as well as an architectural insertion in the context of the historical Acadian Village that is Caraquet. The site of the project is just a couple of hundred metres from the village’s church and less than 60 metres from the sandy beaches.

Sober and stripped down architecture inspired by Acadian vernacular architecture, the house consists of twin volumes. The small constructions covered by metal sheets are located in one of the last natural clearings in the village.

The first entity, largely fenestrated on its south facade, contains the living spaces, while its sister, open on its north end, regroups the bedrooms and the garage.

The sister houses, common to Acadian architecture, stand parallel to each other and are only connected by a glazed passage that acts as a working space offering a panoramic view on the sea. 

Its displacement between the twin sisters and its length offer just the right amount of privacy between entities while also defining a sunbathed courtyard protected from the often violent winds of the area.


[Source V2com]


Nick Myall

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