Hamonic + Masson shine in Bordeaux

Nick Myall
Tuesday 12 Apr 2016

The old industrial port area of Bordeaux in France is gradually being brought back to life

The Bassins à Flots is a 162 ha niche site, a high-quality port and manufacturing district for which Bordeaux City Council has development plans. Nicolas Michelin’s instructions are to create a link between the site and the horizon and to build on the metaphor of the factory, warehouses and the navy.

Commenting on the project the architects Hamonic + Mason said: “We’re comfortable with that kind of imagery. Our project is very ‘industrial’ in that it is solid, compact and metal-clad. There is the occasional raised element, one nine-storey building jutting up like a periscope. That is what the project is all about: putting together a serene skyline and creating an urban form similar to a village at ground level, with footpaths to maintain a feeling of wilderness.”

Nick Myall

News Editor

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