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Nick Myall
Wednesday 06 Apr 2016

The Future Bike Event will be running at the London Design Museum, Shad Thames, SE1 2YD this weekend: Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th April

The future bike live challenge explores the future of bicycle building. Bamboo Bicycle Club will be testing the limits of their bamboo bike frames with the unique addition of 3D printed, carbon fibre reinforced lugs. The ultimate goal is to prototype an open source bike that can be easily replicated by anyone: at home at school or anywhere in the world

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, and the #Futurebike installation represents eight years of growth in a UK climate. 

Imagine a future: Your child is born and you plant a bamboo shoot. Within eight years, you harvest the bamboo, 3D Print your open source lugs and assemble your child’s first proper bike! 

Bamboo Bicycle Club conceived the idea to combine high-tech, open-source 3D printed components, with low tech, naturally sourced bamboo tubes. They teamed up with Oxford Brookes who specialise in testing and analysis of 3D printing technology, and have contributed vital expertise to the project.

3D printing technology is developing at a pace; it reduces the cost of both manufacture and wastage. It is now not simply science fiction; it is likely to become a household appliance for everyday use. By combining technology and craft, the long term goal is to create a bicycle using sustainable materials with a reduced carbon footprint.  

Bamboo could well supply our need for an alternative to metal and plastics. It’s renewable, sustainable and can be put to many of the same uses. Bamboo doesn't need fertiliser or pesticides, regrows, and leaves no toxic materials behind. 

Cycling is widely recognised for its contribution to the health and wellbeing of our cities. The #futurebike concept aims to bring forward the benefits to more and more people, with a new generation of low cost bikes, that are open-source, sustainable and fully customisable!     

Autumn Yard Design Collective is comprised of Bamboo Bicycle Club, Studio Bark, Our Place Design, Utile Creative and Greatcoat Films. 

Commenting on the event Steph Chadwick from Studio Bark said: “We look forward to a future where good design embraces a harmony of new technologies, sustainable materials and traditional techniques. We feel the best way to communicate this message to the designers of tomorrow is through a far-reaching venue like the Design Museum and working in collaboration with key educational partners.” 


Link to Design Museum Event Page

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Link to our successful Future Bike: Live Challenge Kickstarter page

Link to video about the project


Future Bike: Live Challenge (brought to you by Autumn Yard Design Collective)

Exhibition live-build: Friday 8th April 

#Futurebike Build Challenge: Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th April 2016

Design Museum London, Shad Thames, SE1 2YD

Admission is free


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