Police detain five after Indian flyover collapse

Nick Myall
Friday 01 Apr 2016

Rescuers at bridge collapse site have spent the night trying to remove rubble as the race to find survivors intensifies

A flyover that was under construction in Kolkata, India, collapsed last Thursday, killing at 26 people and injuring almost 100. A 100m section of the flyover broke off and crashed down on pedestrians and vehicles on the road below.

Rescuers spent the night following the collapse trying to remove the rubble with cranes and jackhammers, with more people feared to be trapped under the concrete and steel bridge.

Indian police have now opened a case of culpable homicide against the company who were building the partially constructed flyover.

Kolkata Police’s deputy police commissioner said: "Five people from a Hyderabad company have been detained for questioning."

At least 90 people were rescued following the disaster, many with serious trauma injuries, but chances of finding survivors alive have dwindled nearly a full day after yesterday's disaster.

The rescue operation was slow to start due to access for heavy lifting gear and ambulances which was restricted by buildings on either side and heavy traffic.

Before rescuers arrived at the scene, residents used their bare hands to try and free people pinned under a 100-metre length of metal and cement that snapped off and crashed down in the commercial district near Girish Park in Kolkata.

Pictures have emerged of smashed vehicles and the legs of trapped people underneath girders and concrete slabs.

Building collapses occur frequently in India, partly because of the poor enforcement of regulations and the use poor quality construction materials.

One worker who had been taken to hospital reported that iron girders being cemented into the structure could not take the weight and gave way.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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