ODA New York gives Toronto a new outlook

Nick Myall
Friday 18 Mar 2016

ODA New York have proposed the ‘bayside’ project for Toronto which will be a towering block of cascading volumes orientated to the sun and waterfront

This unique building proposed for Toronto in Canada and designed by ODA New York is orchestrated to respond to the waterfront, parks and promenades through strategical pivoting and sloping of what began as an L shaped mass.

ODA New York commented: ‘the practice of orienting a home to the path of the sun is as old as civilization itself, and in nature, significantly predates it. Just as plants and flowers orient themselves to the sun through phototaxis.’ Described as ‘if planted from seeds’, ODA New York’s aim is to enhance the quality life in urban areas by capitalising on natural light, access to green space and conveying a sense of community. The simple 45% twist of the modules allows the creation of an astounding 68,550 sq ft of terrace space. As a result, 221 out of 228 units (97%) have terraces, and 163 units (71%) have views over the water. Additionally the scheme will have access to a large communal terrace and pool area sited right on the waterfront, with glass walls that open fully to a first floor retail space.

Commenting on the project Eran Chen, founder and executive director of ODA New York said: ‘We are leading a quiet but unyielding revolution to replace the dogma of resigned and compromised city living for one that enriches our lives. We can and must rethink our reliance on the extruded big box concept and instead, design permeable residential buildings more as a collection of individual private homes. Restoring our relationship to nature within our most private spaces is a crucial element in maintaining both our physical and psychological wellbeing.’

Project lead for this Toronto’s residential development was published by WAN Business Information team 18/11/2015. Click to view the original brief. For free trial of the service, email our WAN Business Information team.  

Nick Myall

News Editor

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