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Nick Myall
09 Mar 2016

The Amsterdam streetlight systems manufacturer Lightwell will launch the LightMotion, a spectacular new Smart City Hub, at the Light + Building trade fair (13-18 March) in Frankfurt

Metropolitan areas like London and Paris are very cramped. That’s why there is a demand for an all-inclusive Smart City pole. LightMotion is an innovative system that incorporates all possible features one can wish for in a Smart City. Not only city WiFi and CCTV, but also sensors and even an EV-charge station. The LightMotion, designed and created by Lightwell in cooperation with several partners, is considered a giant step in Smart City development. The world premiere coincides with the start of the mass production of the product.

LightMotion is a joint development by two experienced partners - The New Motion and Lightwell. The New Motion is the European market leader in charge point hardware and services. Lightwell’s expertise lays in innovative lighting solutions and design. From the start, the aim was to create an open source hub, which can be operated by local stakeholders all around the world. So it can be linked to either a local city WiFi or local telecom system. 

The software is one of a kind. The user App guides drivers to an available EV charge location, recognises and acts on driver behaviour and payment goes smoothly via the App or RFID reader. So no more fear of being stranded without power. Electric car owners can now charge their electric vehicle at anytime, in every street. Installation within existing street lamps is simple and the smart interface makes it extremely easy to use. Just plug in and charge.

Lightwell CEO Henk Janssen, who recently was named Amsterdam Entrepreneur of the Year says: “During the Frankfurt Fair the LightMotion will have its world premiere. We are now deploying second phase pilots in Copenhagen. Rotterdam, Los Angeles and Beijing where we work together with local partners like Telco’s and network companies to connect the system. Because of the recent support from governments around the world for EV charging solutions we feel extremely confident about the LightMotion. It is here at the right time, and is needed to fight pollution in Metropolitan area’s around the world.“

This pole should be an integral part of city infrastructure and the ambition is to make it blend into the surroundings. Especially in big cities the sidewalk is a most vital part of the urban infrastructure. The metro lines rely on a smooth pedestrian movement. The sidewalk therefore must be kept as empty as possible. If cities want to become less polluted, the integration of EV-charging into the light poles is therefore the only way forward. 

Amsterdam lighting manufacturer Lightwell specializes in design and development of smart street lighting. These designs have multiple functions: a charging station for an electric vehicle, an integrated WiFi hub and a mobile phone mast with an optional security camera are all rolled into one. Thanks to their visionary design and lighting know-how, Lightwell has managed to gain a prominent place in the (international) public lighting market. Since 2010 the company has switched to LED exclusively. The young company with a passion for a sustainable world is dedicated to making smart and energy-saving lighting designs available to everyone. 

For more information please check www.lightwell.eu.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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