A new breeze blows through Sydney

Tony Owen
Tuesday 08 Mar 2016

Breeze Apartments in Drummoyne, Sydney by Tony Owen

Breeze is a boutique waterfront apartment development located in Drummoyne next to Peppercorn Park in Sydney Australia. It contains 11 units, a marina, pool and basement parking. The site enjoys panoramic views to the harbour and city. The five storey building contains two units per floor which are focussed toward the waterfront views. The generating principle for the design came from the view corridors which fan out in differing directions. This resulted in a series of fingers which spread out giving the building its unique character.

Metal blade walls define these fingers. Timber louvres are located at ends of these walls to give privacy and feather the massing. Following from this, the building has a curvilinear sculptural form to the street. The massing forms two blocks with a view slot between the units. This slot forms a void space with a water pond at the base which allows a view to the harbour from the entry lobby. Additional laser cut screens are located on the balconies in an organic pattern. The luxury interiors have full marble floors and bathrooms. The units are designed in a minimalist style with striking white kitchens offset by dark timber joinery.

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