Network of architecture blend old and new

Nick Myall
07 Mar 2016

noa* (network of architecture) completes a traditional urban residential house and adds a contemporary volume, which grows into the vineyards of Gries

In the vineyard area of Bolzano in Italy, a home belonging to a local butcher has been enlarged by noa* (network of architecture) and as a result the existing traditional volume has been extended with an open and modern structure. The site, which is protected, is located in an urban transition zone in between the building development of the outskirts of the city and the denser building development around the area of the Griserplatz. The house is divided into two apartments, which are made accessible with a prominent outdoor stair from the courtyard. The new volumes have a view in all directions, with idyllic vineyards and the characteristic ‘Guntschnaberg’ in the West. The aim was to respect the proportions of the historic building. Therefore the Villa with a pitched roof and classic window openings was amplified with a compact building volume with consistent window cluster and generous openings. The apartments are organised so that the more intimate spaces are located in the historic part of the house while the living spaces are located in the modern part with a view to the south and west.

Commenting on the project Stefan Rier from noa said: “The material penetration of the old and the new create a field of confrontation of the generations – an untamed urge for transformation.”

The diverse formal language of the two building parts create a tension, which is underlined by the finish of the facade: the historic part features a white chalked up plaster, the extension competes with a dark-red plaster. The colouring of the plaster itself instead of a coat of paint at the top gives a stoic depth. The two exterior stairs at the north and south facade are made of blackened natural steel and appear as sculptural bridges. The big square façade openings have textile shadow elements, which give a diffuse fog.

Nick Myall

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