A tall order

Monday 29 Feb 2016

Managing the massive quantities of project information generated by the design of Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is a huge task

With a final projected height of 1km (3,280 ft), the Jeddah Tower designed by designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, is set to break all records for the World’s Tallest Building. At nearly 200m taller than the Burj Khalifa, the Jeddah Tower has been an extraordinary undertaking for the architects, engineers and constructors working on the project.

With 75+ project team members, located across Saudi Arabia and India, efficient collaboration is vital, it is no wonder that the teams building this mega tower have made use of BIM to speed up construction and save costs. However, doing so naturally generates a lot of information and data. The key to success is handling all this data efficiently and enabling teams to work together quickly and accurately. 

International architecture and engineering firm PINNACLE InfoTech was founded in 1992 to provide BIM/CAD modeling and drafting solutions. The firm is using Newforma’s Project Centre to manage the massive amounts of data coming out of and feeding into the Jeddah Tower.

PINNACLE Vice President Biswaroop Todi said, “Pinnacle’s role in MEP design calculation of the Jeddah Tower includes electromechanical calculations, value engineering, resizing of air handling and water handling equipment, design of the containment system, light layout and distribution panels, coordinated models, block wiring diagrams, combined services drawings, layout drawings and conversion of IFC drawings to shop drawings. We also have to validate designs, conforming to the international codes and standards. We acknowledge that managing such high volumes of project information and collaboration would not have been possible without Newforma software. An instance of project management challenge is found in file transfers. To date, Pinnacle has used Newforma to exchange 4038 files, having customised the Newforma transmittal document to conform to the engineer’s specifications. Using BIM/Revit technology with Newforma is enabling complete coordination to be conducted virtually, in the cloud.”

PINNACLE Project Managers Subhasish Adhikari and Sougata Banerjee said, “Newforma software generates project transmittal automatically, slashing 90% from the time required to create a file transmittal manually!”

Efficient collaboration is important for the project because Pinnacle has 75+ team members located in Saudi Arabia and India. The software automatically records who has uploaded and downloaded what information and at which point of time, reinforcing accountability.

Besides using Newforma Project Center to automate transmittals and manage file transfers, the team uses the software for project information management functions such as:

    Managing project emails

    Managing RFIs

    Comparing files

    Controlling document versioning and issuance

Over 17,163 record documents are planned through Newforma with reporting, versioning and issuing all conducted through this platform.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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