Triptyque blend homes into the jungle

Nick Myall
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016

A set of Brazilian houses that will blend into the surrounding jungle echoing the traditional pattern of the regions colonial houses

Designed by Triptyque Architecture, TEMPO is a set of nine houses integrated into the lush green forests of the Trancoso village, in the Bahia region of Brazil.

Trancoso is positioned on top of a hill overlooking the sea and a river, behind the village the dense jungle extends for miles inland. In the village centre is the Quadrado, a rectangular square dominated by a small white church and surrounded by coloured houses; at its entrance is a 1776 sq m area land that is dedicated to the TEMPO residential project.

No trees will be removed during the project, on the contrary, each of the nine housing units will receive a local tree that will grow in the centre of its plot. The project promotes a process of reforestation instead of creating a fully man-made, designed landscape.

The architecture echoes the traditional pattern of the regions colonial houses: the hub of life is at the centre of the house, it is a large outdoor terrace integrated into the surrounding forest. The architecture is refined, making the most of the local surroundings. The materials used: wood and concrete, come from the region within an area of 250km around Trancoso. The scale respects the density of the village and the residential complex offers a common area to relax around a pool and a bar.

TEMPO is also a social initiative: Crescendo com TEMPO is a scheme in which all providers guarantee the training of local apprentices to enhance and sustain local crafts (carpentry, weaving, straw, clay etc).

Nick Myall

News Editor

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