Renzo Piano’s ‘Paddington Pole’ is scraped

Nick Myall
03 Feb 2016

Renzo Piano's proposal for a 72-storey skyscraper in London's Paddington has been withdrawn

Plans for a 254m-tall cylindrical tower in London’s Paddington, UK, by Renzo Piano have been withdrawn following a wave of protests against the development.

The proposal included over 300 luxury homes, offices, shops and restaurants but was met by fierce opposition from leading architects including Terry Farrell.

A statement issued by the developers said that the scheme would now be revised.

The project was due to be brought before Westminster Council's Planning Committee on 8 March, but was withdrawn by Westminster City Council, and developers Irvine Sellar and Great Western Developments (GWD).

Terry Farrell, whose studio is based near to the proposed site, wrote to Westminster claiming that the skyscraper failed to address the need for wider regeneration around the station.

He criticised the £1bn scheme, which is backed by the same developer as Piano's Shard skyscraper in south London, as "piecemeal and opportunistic".  Farrell put forward his firm's own plans for a mid-rise development for the same site.

"Clearly we think it's the right decision," said Farrells following the news that plans had been withdrawn.

Heritage and conservation groups Historic England and Skyline Campaign also protested against the scale of the luxury residential development, which they said would "stick out like a sore thumb" against Paddington's existing low-scale architecture and conservation areas.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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