Copenhagen’s new focal point

Nick Myall
27 Jan 2016

A team of architects are creating a landmark building on Copenhagen harbour’s waterfront

Designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, COBE and Tredje Natur, The Tip of Redmolen will become one of the most visible and striking buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark. With its distinctive location in the harbour area it will affect the environment in the  distance and also in the local urban environment.

The location requires an office building that can hold its own and stand on an equal footing with the port’s other large buildings, silos, offices and homes. The architectural scale of the building is influenced by this very wide open space.

The building’s location on the pier creates a unique opportunity to address the experience of the city’s main space, the port of Copenhagen, and realise the potential of a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and water. The building will stand out on the waterfront as a new point on the horizon – the latest addition to the series of settlements that signal an inviting and open city.

A circular building body embraces the port space and will mark the tip of the neighborhood in its soft curvature, regardless of where in the city and at what distance you are experiencing it. A building without front and rear.

The overall vision for The Tip of Redmolen is to create a building that signals openness, robustness and dynamism and aims to create an entirely new meeting place for the residents of Copenhagen. A destination where urban life can unfold throughout the year in strong correlation with the residents and the working environment. It is important that the project's great qualities on the ground floor are accessible to all and become an attraction for the city. In this way the project generously underlines the client's wish that The Tip of Redmolen should appear friendly, transparent and responsive, while creating a landmark on Copenhagen's harbour front. 

Nick Myall

News Editor

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