AGi architects take a positive approach

Nick Myall
Friday 22 Jan 2016

This cardiac centre in Kuwait is a hub for social activity as well as a medical centre

The Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center designed by AGi architects in Kuwait is an attempt to move away from the negative connotations that are usually associated with hospitals. The architects have endeavoured to build a positive space, one that is able to act as a hub for social activity, rather than just a medical centre.  

The exterior façade is the first connection with the patient and it invites them to enter the building in a good mood.

The interior of the building is organized like a small city with different scales and hierarchies, the main streets are the corridors where patients can be directed into different reception areas.

The main waiting areas act like a town square with direct views to the main courtyards with double and triple free height creating a great sense of space.

The consultants units are like apartments. The patients are received in a ‘living room’ and addressed by a doctor in a private room. All the modules have a small courtyard to provide light, natural ventilation and privacy.

The services include the swimming pool, gym and running track are strategically located in the best locations of the ‘city’ with a direct view of the sea (the building is located on the beach). These spaces are used to de-stress and for rehabilitation and large windows and a northern orientation provide the best light.

The building materials for the centre are functional and suit local conditions.

For the exterior and courtyards materials have been prepared for the extreme Kuwaiti weather and the stone and the red aluminum defines the sculptural shape.

For the interior public spaces the stone (floors and skirting’s) extend the exterior to the interior whilst white plaster will generate natural light. 

The hospital not only treats Cardiac diseases but also promotes a positive atmosphere to live in.

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Nick Myall

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