Tony Owen's new addition to Sydney's urban tapestry

Tony Owen
Tuesday 22 Dec 2015

The Castlereagh by Tony Owen Partners has been completed

The Castlereagh by Tony Owen Partners is a 16 storey apartment building located in the bustling heart of Sydney’s CBD. It contains 55 luxury apartments, retail and office space. The five level podium is predominantly precast concrete. This was chosen as it is consistent with a number of the surrounding buildings which have a solid expression predominantly in concrete.

The podium takes the form of angled widow boxes. These boxes are angled to maximise sun penetration and create a stark modelling in sunlight. This articulation creates a lively contemporary expression which reflects its surroundings. The majority of the façade is clad in adjustable metal louvre screens in a copper tone. These screens provide shading to reduce heat load as well as screen balconies for privacy and aesthetic appearance. The screens are unique in that they sometimes span 2 levels.

This is achieved using an ingenious track system to avoid clashes. The mixture of screens of different heights creates a unique mosaic patterning. The building contains a 6m x 6m ventilation shaft which provides natural ventilation to the units.

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