A school that is grounded in nature

Nomade Architects have designed a school and gymnasium in the Bartelottes district of France that is educational by nature

by Nick Myall 10 December 2015
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    Designing schools and playgrounds means imagining the future for the coming generations. Encouraging children to discover and experiment means helping to give them structure.

    A school is a place for stories, emotions, creative experiences, culture, exchange, freedom, desires, fantasy and learning. Long embodied by standardized buildings, schools have changed, enabling children to take flight towards freedom and making personal discoveries of the world.

    Nomade Architects designed the school, gymnasium and dojo complex in Bartelottes district in this sense with a building that is educational by nature. The facilities become a tool for raising the children’s awareness and are aimed at their well-being.

    In 2012 the town of Ville-du-Bois, located some 23 km southwest of Paris in the Essonne département, initiated an operation for building a school complex (elementary and nursery schools) with eight classrooms, a gymnasium and living accommodations for the caretaker.

    After the construction of new housing and the resulting increase in its population, Ville-du-Bois decided to build another school and a sports facility in the new Bartelottes district to the town’s northwest.

    The construction projects of a school complex along with a gymnasium and staff living quarters stand on the same plot of land.

    These three entities rise in a single field located between the residential neighbourhood of Ville-du-Bois and the Forêt de la Turaude, a protected woodland.

    The school complex with its gymnasium is an achievement and a major player in helping to reclassify this new district of Bartelottes. The new school complex welcomes children from the neighbouring houses and rounds out its educational brief with a gymnasium.

    Nomade Architects entire thinking about this project led to it going beyond the usual educational programs in order to refresh the school’s institutional nature by grounding it in its natural environment. The school opened its doors to pupils in September 2015.

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