Apple releases iPad software to assist architects

Nick Myall
16 Nov 2015

Apple’s Trace Pro could be the future of how we work: fluidly between media, and across mobile and desktop devices

Designers and architects need a range of sophisticated tools to move the creative process forward.  To date, the majority of serious design software has been developed for the desktop, completely ignoring ideation.  Screen real estate, stylus precision, and horsepower were missing in mobile devices, but will finally be delivered to architects and other design professionals with Apple's release of the iPad Pro and Pencil.  The race has been on to create "lite" versions of popular desktop applications, in an effort to make design more mobile and social. 

However, what if what we really need is not a simpler version of our desktop, but newly intelligent versions of our core analog processes-like sketching?

Apple's true gift to designers is not the mobile device, but the touchscreen.  The days of rigid sketching with a mouse are over, and a generation of designers has the option to reengage hand drawing and the free flow of thought it engenders.  This prospect becomes even more enticing when a sketch is no longer a set of isolated and static strokes on a piece of paper, but an integral layering of data, precision and intelligence, infinitely flexible, yet still easily and intuitively created by the stroke of a hand. While CAD and BIM programs are instrumental to design development and execution, they will never be capable of bringing the essential context-cultural, historical, political and aesthetic-to the practice of architecture and other disciplines.  "We need software that embraces and amplifies human input at every stage; championing the creative thinking and testing that initiates, shapes, and elevates the best design," explains Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator.

Morpholio has introduced Trace Pro, delivering the simplicity, fluidity and delight of the architect's iconic trace paper sketch combined with the intelligence, flexibility and scaling of CAD.  It is a timeless design tool re-imagined to fuse the creative benefits of analog behaviour with the power of digital magic.  "Software should mirror the gestures, intuition and behaviour of the creative," says Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio Co-Creator. "Trace Pro seeks to amplify it, and in doing so, make it as smart and elastic as possible."  Imagine being able to zoom-from a city, into a house, into a room, into a table-in seconds. Export your entire drawing set to your clients in one tap. Control layers anywhere on any drawing at the same time. Trace Pro is the future of how we work: fluidly between media, and across devices - mobile and desktop together.

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Nick Myall

News Editor

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