The suburban backyard takes to the sky

ODA New York are creating a unique concept in high-rise living in Manhattan

by Nick Myall 13 November 2015
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    The current trend towards ultra-slender residential towers in Manhattan, New York, USA reflects a seismic shift of global wealth towards the private sector. 

    Traditionally, NYC’s skyscrapers stood as a testament to corporate dominance, but this new typology of super tall, thin buildings heralds both new program and function, and as such, deserves a closer look. Adaptation demands a new vocabulary of formal expression for these towers.

    True luxury evolves from the ability to have the best of multiple worlds without compromise, that’s what ODA New York are pursuing with this new tower. Known for looking for every opportunity to increase natural light, access to green space and a sense of community, ODA New York have continued that quest with this project.

    In this tower, the best of urban living melds with the dream of a suburban backyard resulting in the ultimate urban fantasy.

    By ‘stretching’ the building vertically beyond its original program, ODA New York were able to create gaps, 16 ft in height, between every two floors. These gaps contain full floor sculptural gardens equal to the footprint of the building, and will be directly accessible from each apartment. As a result, every 2,700 sq ft apartment will have a spectacular 1,350 sq ft of open private garden.  The expansive height of the space will permit a suffusion of sunlight throughout. The central core and perimeter design will dramatically reduce the wind load without sacrificing the 360-degree view.

    The result, while based on a simple idea, is both striking and fresh. It breaks through the purely functional, and with it, creates a new urban reality.

    Nick Myall

    News Editor

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