WAN Landscape Award Winner Announced

Christina Ingram
Monday 02 Nov 2015

Rainer Schmidt Landschafts Architekten win the WAN Landscape Award, 2015

The WAN Landscape Award 2015 certainly had this year’s panel of leading industry experts in thoughtful and at times, passionate discussion over the wonderful selection of submissions into this year’s category. The six outstanding shortlisted projects showcased a superb selection of landscape architecture but there can only be one winner!

The panel tasked with selecting a winner in this category were: Brian Cornell, Associate Vice President at RTKL Associates Inc., Keith French, Director at Grant Associates, Sibylla Hartel, Partner/Landscape Architect at Gustafson Porter and Thomas Kock, Partner at Polyform.

Our judging panel conversed on the large variety of landscape projects entered into this year’s competition and were looking to award a project that successfully expressed their landscape narrative through its design.

Two projects that commanded passionate and lengthy discussion were Wilmington Waterfront Park by Sasaki Associates and Park Killesberg – ‘Green Joint’  by Rainer Schmidt Landschafts Architekten.  With both schemes having two very different typologies which were meeting different client briefs, jury members felt that both submissions had expressed their story effectively in what they had set out to achieve. 

Thomas Kock said of Wilmington Waterfront Park “What I really like here is that it is really well thought out, it’s very precise. It shows here that with few elements, you can make a very special urban space. They have seen it, they have understood where they are and they have put the elements together in the right way. It is actually beautiful, that someone is out there working with the context and completely understanding it. For me this is breath-taking.”  

However, after much enthusiastic debate it was agreed equally across the board by all judges that Park Killesberg – ‘Green Joint’ by Rainer Schmidt Landschafts Architekten were the deserved winners of the 2015 WAN Landscape Award. Congratulations.

Park Killesberg – Green Joint serves as the heart of a newly constructed community in Stuttgart Germany and continues its history in the area as a long standing garden show site with a contemporary expression of landscape architecture.  The theme of its design is based on skewing the perception of the human scale and re-interprets familiar perspectives.  This has been achieved by raising the topography to eye height while also setting up a sunken path network, which intentionally creates a feeling of being at one with the landscape.

Keith supported the model by saying “I like this project because of the way they have played with the topography, on such a scale. The way they’ve encouraged people to experience the vast green swathe on different levels as you move through it, it’s wonderful. It is a very interesting 3-dimensional piece of landscape.” 

Sibylla also commented “The quality of the hard landscaping, the water system, it’s really quite beautiful and has a great attention to the detail.”  

WAN AWARDS would like to congratulate Rainer Schmidt Landschafts Architekten for winning this year’s Landscape Award. We would also like to thank the jury panel for their time, wisdom and sincere discussion on all projects.


Christina Ingram

Awards Coordinator

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