Train World, the new Belgian railway museum was opened on September 25 2015  after ten years of work and an investment of 25 million euros. Lightemotion, whose creative office in Montreal, is pleased to have participated in the lighting of this new past, present and future railway showcase, which exhibits the most beautiful original pieces of the country’s history collection.

Scenography, designed by the Belgian artist François Schuiten and Expoduo plunges the visitor into a true multisensory and theatrical universe. The staging of spaces and objects had to be supported by an exclusive lighting layout. Mr. Schuiten immediately requested the services of the Lightemotion team, who have worked on more than twenty international projects.

Train Worls starts in Schaerbeek Station, Belgian railway's architectural jewel and one of the oldest stations in the country, located in the heart of Europe. It is now connected to a new industrial hangar via the railway garden. This 86,000 sq.ft. hangar contains 4 exhibition halls where you can admire several locomotives, including the Pays de Waes, the oldest preserved steam locomotive in Europe, as well as a thousand of objects related to the railway world, drawings and models. Diversity and difference in scale of the exhibits brought the creators of Lightemotion to use lighting systems, architectural technology and unusual applications.

"We had to think outside the box. We used, for example, lighting systems designed for outdoor use to obtain the power and durability required for locomotives highlighting" explains Roupinian, President and Design Director at Lightemotion. The project required more than 2,000 LED lamps and metal halide, known as 'Metalarc' widely used in movie projectors and theatre. Every detail is carefully embraced by the light through a thorough study of exposed volumes. Each light source was custom tailored to the scenography needs and context. Simulations using 3D software have achieved an unprecedented level of precision for highlighting the project.

The lighting is dramatic, vibrant and animated. Each exhibition hall is unique and presents a variety of environments to be experienced by its visitors. The space, object, light, image and sound combine to create a multisensory experience to carry the visitor into the Belgian railway world, the oldest network of the European continent.

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