15 October 2015
  • Photo Credit: Kyungsub Shin Click image to expand

    Photo Credit: Kyungsub Shin

  • Photo Credit: Kyungsub Shin Click image to expand

    Photo Credit: Kyungsub Shin

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    Studio Jenny Jones was commissioned by Plaid Studios on behalf of Lotte, to create the design for the Ladies Shoe Zone and the Lingerie Department of the Lotte Flagship Store. Originally built in the 1970s, the Lotte Flagship Store has undergone several reconfigurations which had led to a disparate and fractured interior experience. Lotte asked the design teams to create a series of central ‘island’ environments on each of the four floors. These multi-shop areas form a focus for each level and help create a more streamlined customer experience.

    The Shoe Zone was inspired by the architecture of the Arcade, the department is flanked by the ‘Arcade fixtures’, full height polished brass displays with illuminated glass displays, In the centre runs the ‘catwalk’ looked over from the flanking ‘front rows’. The catwalk acts as the promenade for ‘trying on and trying out’ and as the visual merchandising centrepiece for the Department. The Arcade concept allows the customer to see the whole shoe zone, creating clear and defined sightlines across the shopping landscape enabling merchandise to be displayed in a flexible, fashionable and contemporary way using luxurious and cool materials.

    The lingerie department on the 4th floor of the department store was conceptualised as a place of serenity and calm. Beautifully crafted spaces use natural materials to recall geometries of natural landscapes with palettes of muted and organic tones. To create a sensuous lingerie display, the curvaceous perimeter was formed by wrapping one continuous floor to ceiling curtain around bespoke fitting rooms and then forming ‘brand’ niches between the fitting rooms.

    The overall sinuous effect creates a seductive and flowing customer journey through the multi-brand offer.


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