An Indian summer

Nick Myall
Tuesday 01 Sep 2015

A transparent 20-metre-long suspended swimming pool is under construction in India ahead of the Nine Elms ‘Sky Pool’

Following WAN’s coverage of the Nine Elm’s ‘Sky Pool’, an even more spectacular suspended glass-bottomed swimming pool is emerging in India. The five-tower Twilight Star development in Surat, Gujarat is currently underway and will feature a completely transparent 20-metre-long, seven-metre-wide suspended swimming pool. It will link two residential blocks with the pool being built using similar technology to that which is employed to construct aquariums.

Although the two developments are very similar, the Twilight Star swimming pool features a section that projects outward from the buildings – allowing residents to swim beyond the external walls and float over the city.

The Surat pool is also higher than the Nine Elms one, connecting the 12th storeys of the apartment blocks, as opposed to London's 10th-storey proposal.

All the terraces are connected with glass-bottomed skywalk bridges so that all the towers get access to pool right from their very own building, all they need to do is go onto the terrace. Apart from swimming pool there are various amenities available on the terrace to sooth a morning walk or an evening hangout on the terrace cafe.

The project is being developed by local company 7 Star and will include 120 residences.

The company began the construction 2 years ago and within 8 months’ time they will be concluding the final touch of civil work. This means the project will be complete almost a whole year before the Nine Elms ‘Sky Pool’.


Nick Myall
News Editor

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