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Nick Myall
Monday 24 Aug 2015

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) are planning the world’s first steam ring generator

By 2017 the citizens of Copenhagen, Denmark will not only be able to ski down the cleanest power plant in the world - their perceptions of what a power plant can be will be challenged by an art piece that raises awareness of our carbon emissions. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) are planning the world’s first steam ring generator which will turn the plant’s CO2 emissions into 100-foot-diameter smoke rings that puff into the clouds every 45 seconds, each representing 1 ton of emissions.

By projecting the plant’s carbon footprint onto the Copenhagen sky, every single citizen will be given intuitive information to inform the decisions they make for their lives and for the city that they want to live in.

Based on an original art proposal by the Berlin-based artists realities:united, BIG are designing the chimney to utilise the plant’s excess steam in collaboration with Peter Madsen's Rumlaboratorium, as well as the Danish Technical University. 

BIG have launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund $15,000 for the final prototype of the smokestack-turned-art piece that will eventually be installed at its sustainable waste-to-power plant. They plan to use the funding to build a final prototype and test it before they get approval to build and install the real thing which should be completed by 2017. 

The design of the steam ring generator itself is rather unique. BIG have teamed with rocket scientists and combustion engineers to design and build working prototypes. They have already successfully tested two previous prototypes in August of 2014 and April of 2015 to create a steam ring that was sized 1 to 10 of the final desired effect. 

And if all that wasn’t enough, the entire facility will double as a ski slope. Skiers careening down the hill can look up and see the plant's CO2 footprint imprinted in the sky.

Nick Myall

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