This unique pink brief was given to the architects from mode:lina studio in conjunction with Minima Studio who developed the brand concept and the communication strategy.

The designers had to meet the challenge of combining a store full of varieties with a bustling cafe - and all of it on just 45 sq. meters. The optimal solution was to create a single, suspended structure that would function both as shelves and the ceiling. By following this method the expositional area was maximized while not using up the valuable space.

Long meetings were held with the oweners to fully glean their desires for the project. Following these conversations it was decided that the traditional café counter would be substituted for a kitchen island; a place that would act as the centre of the café’s life. This solution helped blur the line between the staff and the customers introducing a home-like feel. Furthermore, together with the modular tables, this created a space that was easy to rearrange for different events.

To best display the pink products, the architects used raw and contrasting materials such as plywood
and mfp boards. They also left the original brick wall, in some places patching it up with ceramic
herringbone tiles. As the owners say about the project; ‘I want our guests to feel as if they have entered our home.’

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