Brewing up electricity in Sydney

Nick Myall
Thursday 16 Jul 2015

Australian studio Tzannes Associates have designed a power plant set within a historic brewery in Sydney

A project integrating a power plant, which will supply energy to a new housing and shopping complex, with the historic Carlton and United Brewery building on the fringe of the Sydney CBD in Australia has completed. 

Local studio Tzannes Associates designed the plant to provide hot and cold water as well as electricity for over 2,200 apartments that will be built within The Brewery Yard on Sydney's Irving Street.

The Studio said: “Fittingly, the new plant room hovers over the former Old Boiler House, the original power station for the site which operated in various formats until it was decommissioned in the 1980s. The original inverted pyramid coal hoppers are retained in situ within the new zinc clad enclosure and informed the volume of the base of the structure. We have extended the detailing tradition of buildings on this site. The detailing generally was intended to be direct, utilitarian and industrial this can be seen in the close up details of the steel.”

The towers are the first stage of the A$2 billion (£956 million) scheme by Australian property developers Frasers Property and Sekisui House on the site, which will also include shops, a hotel and student housing as well as a public park.

Steel beams that support the towers form a scaffolding-like structure that is left exposed from one side of the building, reinforcing the former industrial use of the site.

A tall brick chimney to one side of the former boiler house is wrapped in metal caging and echoes the materiality of the conical cooling tanks.

This project delivers significant community benefits through both the provision of a highly energy efficient method of supplying power as well as hot and cold water to a significant new mixed use development on the fringes of the city as well as providing a model of how this new technology can be integrated with an important historic structure.

Tzannes Associates, which was founded in 1984, has also designed a foliage-clad school in Sydney which was shortlisted for a National Architecture Award by the Australian Institute of Architects in 2014.

Nick Myall

News Editor

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