Floating Hotel sails to design award success

Gail Taylor
19 Jun 2015

Salt & Water’s imaginative design takes messing about on the water to new levels of luxury

Serbian design studio, Salt & Water’s Floating Hotel with Catamaran-Apartments project has just scooped the Millennium Yacht Design Award. The project has been developed with the aim of promoting tourism on inland waters. The Floating Hotel aims to provide ‘a perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself’.

The Floating Hotel design consists of two elements: a central floating construction and catamaran-apartment units. Via the central floating construction (which accommodates reception, a restaurant, an events hall, offices and a café), guests access pathways which connect to the Catamaran-Apartments. Each apartment is actually an innovatively designed catamaran which can be easily separated from its mooring and navigated, allowing guests to choose their own ideal holiday spot along the banks.

Each Catamaran-Apartment consists of a salon, a galley, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and a sleeping area (above the salon). Each apartment can accommodate 2-4 persons, thanks to the option of converting the salon into a double bed. Guests can also relax at two separate outdoor locations – the flying bridge and the beach platform.  Swimming, diving, fishing and sun bathing can be enjoyed from the beach platform.

The primary idea behind the project is to allow guests to enjoy their visit by gliding along at a very relaxed pace, with an uninterrupted view of nature all around. This informs the unusual shape of the catamarans and the large windows in the front. According to Salt & Water, the Catamaran-Apartments ‘can be considered as “frames of the nature” – connecting the guests with the water and the sky and isolating them from everyday stresses’.

Salt & Water specialises in yacht interior design and exterior styling, aircraft interior design, and architecture. 

Gail Taylor

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