A farm in a concrete jungle

Kerry Boettcher
Thursday 18 Jun 2015

Latitude Studio designs Sky Condo, a sustainable farm and residential building in the heart of New York City

The Sky Condo designed by Latitude is a unique residential building set right next to the iconic High Line. Mirroring the green space on top of the High Line, the Sky Condo incorporates a vertical farm area. The residential side of the building faces onto 10th Avenue.

Latitude describes the project as “two different natures meeting each other, the diaphragm that divides them represents the limit and the connection between them as well. Because of the very different spatial configuration of both sides, the vertical partitions change from one side to the other: the residential side needs more vertical partitions for privacy, natural lighting and ventilation; on the other hand, the farm side requires high, open and illuminated spaces.”

The two functions of the building interconnect by the access corridors between the dwellings, which run through the farm without interference with the growing crops. The crops also extend over the private terraces, allowing individual farming plots inside the domestic spaces. 

The design also features several energy efficient features: solar power, wind power, water harvesting and a natural lighting system. The harnessing of the natural resources, innovative design and the goal to integrate farming activities in an urban context creates a creative architectural typology that explores new ways of sustainable growth. 

Kerry Boettcher

News editor

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