A concrete hub of transport

Kerry Boettcher
Friday 22 May 2015

Designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects, the new Carlsberg train station integrates the surrounding urban space, creating a vibrant centre

The site of the new Carlsberg train station was once the home of the first Carlsberg Brewery. Now that the Carlsberg production facilities have been moved out of the city, the area is undergoing a transformation into a residential neighbourhood, which will feature private homes, businesses, shops and educational and sporting venues. The new S-train station will be at the heart connecting the district with the rest of Copenhagen. It is predicted that it will become one of the busiest train stations in Denmark when it opens in 2016. 

Project architect Mette Neimann explains: “In its essence, the station consists of a platform and two bridge decks, which extends beyond the track and platform, thereby creating a cover over the platform and deck space above the station for bicycle parking, access roads and urban life.”

The construction makes beautiful use of concrete, as its predominant material. “Among other things, we create a contrasting pattern in the concrete surface. We create this effect via a complicated formwork structure prior to the in-situ casting,” says Mette Niemann. The design of the pillars also presents a challenge as they must be assembled from 14 different concrete elements that all have to fit together perfectly. 

Construction has already begun, with the concrete casting of the foundation complete, and the casting of the bridge decks underway. The station is planned to open in 2016 

Kerry Boettcher

News editor

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